Monday, November 7, 2016

East Oahu Photo Tour

Diamond Head
First stop on our tour is Kapiolani Park with an awesome up-close view of Diamond Head.
Honolulu Hawaii
Waikiki Fountain always looks nice in the photos too!
South Oahu
Waialae Beach Park, just 15 minutes from Waikiki.
Honeymoon Photos
Kahala Beach is walking distance from Waialae Beach Park and very popular for beach weddings.
Circle Oahu Tour
Kahala Resort Beach is one of the best swimming spots on Oahu, with no rocks or waves, just a nice sandy bottom.
Aina Haina
Kawaikui Beach Park is nice for a quick stop in Aina Haina on our way to East Oahu.
Koko Marina Shopping Center
Nice to stop at Koko Marina Shopping Center in Hawaii Kai and see the boats (and shops).

The weather cut our photo tour short on this day, but we still got plenty of great photos, especially in Kahala.

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